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Mar 20, 2011 10:00pm PDT
because of the earthquake and tsunami. how is that affecting the u.s. economy? >> reporter: it's an economic jolt. they are out of a job indefinitely. the quake has halted supplies. >> it's not a good thing. it ripples through the economy. >> most of japan's car factories were not directly damaged disaster but honda, mazda, mitsubishi and toyota have had to stop production rolling blackouts are making power unreliable. much of the country is in no condition to get parts moving again soon. >> the real issues are like power, lack of transportation to get people up there. >> reporter: a truck driver delivers japanese cars from the port. images like these have him worried. >> after seeing what happened on the tv and actually seeing the cars that i deliver get ruined and talking with the people at the port, they are talking two to three months we wouldn't have anything to deliver. >> reporter: apple's ipad 2 is already sold out and japan's shortage may make it even tougher to get one. >> we don't expect to see prices go up in electronics. i want think the first thing consumer are li
Mar 5, 2011 10:00pm PST
refugees who fled the unrest in libya are heading home thanks to the u.s. military. mark phillips with more on the sea saw battle for control. >> the situation there is quiet and peaceful. >> twice today, moammar gadhafi's government claimed it had taken control of the strategic town of zowia and released footage. the government forces had moved into the town to try to dislodge rebels once before and were beaten back. then, they went at it again with a full armored assault. a reporter from britain's sky news is the only western correspondent there. >> we were under the gadhafi's forces now. they got closer and closer, now taken renew jersey refuge. they appear to be unable to stop the advancing and they are getting closer and closer. >> the rebels are closer to town. >> 6:00. 12:00. >> this will continue. >> zowia is critical because it's a suburb of tripoli. the closest rebel to the capital. it's a sign that opposition to gadhafi is not limited to eastern libya. in fact, it's getting bolder within tripoli itself. >> you should be -- >> okay, we won't then. >> opponents of the reg
Mar 13, 2011 10:00pm PDT
of the u.s. in potential danger. >> reporter: another hydrogen explosion rocked the crippled t fukushima nuclear power plant. this follows yesterday's hydrogen blast in the unit 1. the complex is broken into two sections. four with faulty reactors and another area with three damaged reactors out of six. the first reactor exploded and officials feared pressure building up and now unit 3 has blown. more than 180,000 people have been evacuated from the area. up to 160 may have been exposed to radiation. officials are trying to reassure people saying the radiation is not life threatening. >> we were frightened. but the radiation turned out to be nothing to worry about. >> not everyone believes this. and there are three-hour waits to check in for a flight to escape the area. now the japanese ambassador to the united states concedes part of the fuel rods inside the power plant may be melting. but as with 3-mile island in 1979 there may not be a crisis. >> there was a considerable melting of the core but essentially all of the material was contained in the concrete containment. namely very litt
Mar 26, 2011 10:00pm PDT
in 1984 when she became the first woman to run for vice president on a major u.s. ticket. >> america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> she died at a massachusetts hospital where she was being treated for blood cancer. in a statement, president obama said, she will for ever be remembered as a trailblazer who broke down barriers for women and americans of all backgrounds and walks of life. >> are we going to win this one? >> feraro was a little known congresswoman from queens, new york, when democratic presidential nominee, walter mondale chose her as his running mate. >> vice president, has such a nice ring to it. >> but they lost the election to ronald reagan in a landslide that november. feraro's run also had its share of controversy. there were ethical questions about her campaign finances and her husband's business dealings. she never again held public office, losing bids for the senate in 1992 and '98. in 2008, there was more controversy. feraro, a supporter of hillary clinton's presidential campaign made remarks suggesting that then, senator obama was
Mar 27, 2011 10:00pm PDT
. >> there was attacks and three sailors were killed. >> reporter: the u.s. has led the operations for more than a week to take out gadaffi's air defenses an establish a no fly zone but now nato agreed to take over command. rebels handed out food to civilians one day after recapturing the strategic coastal town. on sunday the opposition pushed west and controls all the main oil terminals in eastern libya. >> based on the intelligence and what our military is seeing, the gadaffi forces are withdrawing. >> reporter: the united nations security council meets monday getting an update on the situation in libya. president obama addresses the nation later in the evening. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. would begin reducing its forces committed to libya within weeks. but he doesn't think anyone knows if military operations will be over by year's end. cbs news at the united nations. >>> there has been another earthquake in japan. this afternoon a magnitude 6.5 tremor shook the eastern part of the country. officials issued a tsunami w
Mar 12, 2011 10:00pm PST
. cbs 5 cameron ramos contributed. >>> and crescent city took the big brunt of the tsunami in the u.s. with eight foot surges, and tonight crews are still waiting for safer conditions to begin before they can begin the cleanup of the damaged harbor. the tsunami continues to create dangerous currents, authorities say there are at least 17 damaged and sunken vessels, in addition rocks, and logs that need to be cleared with. the harbor wants to move quickly but also has to consider safety. >> we do get a small tsunami once in a while, or a surge at the breaks. but this is the worst i have ever experienced. >> the harbor is crescent city's life flood. and the sheriff says it will be hard to recover. >>> and authorities released the name of the man swept out to sea while taking pictures of the wave. 25-year-old dustin weber, he was with two other people when they were washed into the ocean. the other two managed to swim to safety. >>> and even parts of northern california that did not suffer damage from the tsunami saw unusual wave activity. this video was shot in emoryville yesterday morn
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6